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Machine To Machine Solutions Week in Review

December 28, 2013

By Steve Anderson, Contributing TMCnet Writer

Even with Christmas now one for the history books this year, it couldn't hold back the flow of news in the machine to machine (M2M) solutions sector. As more and more machines become capable of connecting and forming the growing network that's come to be known as the Internet of Things (IoT), there are ever more developments in the field. That means a lot of news, and with this, the last weekend of 2013, it's a good time to take a step back and consider the wider issues before us with our Week in Review coverage!

First, we had a look at how machines were becoming increasingly aware as the fullest realization of the Internet of Things grows. For instance, GM's OnStar not only provided a look at what M2M could do in the vehicle space, but it also provided a valuable service to users as well. But with Cisco (News - Alert) predicting 50 billion connected devices by 2020, it was clear that there would be some significant augmentations in just what M2M would be able to do.

Next we got a closer look at  the 2013 Excellence in SDN Award winner NetCracker, from NetCracker (News - Alert) Technology. NetCracker took the award on the strength of a variety of different tools, including those geared toward boosting automation and efficiency in both data center and network assets. It boasts NaaS cloud management, a service chaining and service orchestration solution, a network policy management solution driven by analytics tools, and several other key features besides.

A special feature came in next as a special post from AT&T (News - Alert) provided some hints on how to run a do it yourself high-speed Internet installation project, based on the inspiration provided by an unlikely source: a kindergartener. Specific tips included having someone on hand who understood the job to watch out for issues and problems, preparing for potential down-time, and considering whether the job may not be better served by having someone else do the installation.

Then we got a look at how connectBlue was setting up to bring M2M technology to a hospital setting, and the kind of benefits associated with such a practice. To that end, connectBlue was joining in the fray as part of the IT Support for Advanced Cancer Care in the Home (itACiH) project, providing some wireless technology support to give remote caregivers a better infrastructure from which to work bring the kind of services that, in many cases, only remote caregivers can provide.

Finally, we had a look at several new trends in social media that were set to emerge for 2014, and how many of these would incorporate M2M technology. A huge increase in mobile device use, with its variety of uses on the M2M field, was one of the biggest trends of 2013 that was likely to carry on into 2014 as well. Beyond that, a rise in video advertising, Facebook (News - Alert)'s various changes, the increasingly large amount of social media consumption on the part of the Baby Boomer generation, and even the death of the daily deal website came into play.

That was the week that was in machine to machine solutions, and the growth of the industry posed quite a few exciting issues. Our global online community kept busy indeed, even with a holiday in the mix, bringing back the latest in news throughout the M2M sector. So be sure to join us back here next week for the last news of 2013, the first news of 2014, and all the greatest news in general capped off by our Week in Review coverage!

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