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Numerex Moves to Secure Monnit's Innovative Sensors to Boost Service Delivery

September 27, 2012

By David Gitonga, TMCnet Contributing Writer

In order to improve on the services delivered to customers, Numerex has adopted Monnit’s wireless gateway application. The agreement giving rise to this amalgamation will allow Numerex (News - Alert) to augment its already existent Machine to Machine (M2M) gateways with Monnit’s broad line cheap wireless sensors, hence economically improving on the quality of services delivered to the client.

Numerex will benefit from Monnit’s current stock of more than thirty different types of sensors whose purpose is to detect and monitor various statuses that are important to production management in any business or company. These will include water temperature, humidity and movement among many other changes.

This wide range of innovative sensors will help in the acceleration of the M2M solution process. Adding this to Numerex’ acceleration approach which focuses on leveraging rapidly configurable platform and comprehensive knowledge in integration skills will give rise to a better placed Numerex to the over fifty vertical markets it operates in.

"Numerex is an experienced and respected leader in the M2M market and we are honored to partner with them,” said Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit Corporation. “We feel that Numerex' M2M platform and Monnit's wireless sensors offering, together, address growing demand for highly reliable, cost effective, wireless sensing of valuable assets and processes for business.”

Walter’s sentiments correspond to those of Jeff Smith (News - Alert), CTO at Numerex. Smith believes that the partnership will play a major role in improving delivery of market-leading M2M solutions for enterprises across a range of industry verticals. He said, “This collaboration with Monnit will extend our delivery of market-leading M2M solutions for enterprises across a range of industry verticals. . . With our experience in M2M platforms and applications, and Monnit’s extensive line of low cost, low power wireless sensors, we can help businesses realize a greater return on investment by providing secure, reliable solutions that contribute to efficient business operations.” 

This partnership between these two innovative companies will undoubtedly deliver quality services to customers wishing to monitor and control critical operations while on the go. Monnit’s innovative sensors might after all be all that Numerex needed to advance to the next level in the M2M market.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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